The Sad Truth

The Sad Truth is up & down the country the Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed needs
your help.

There are hundreds in dog kennels alone.

Dog rescue Centres are full to bursting with unwanted Staffords.

There are various reasons for them becoming homeless and none their fault!

Reasons range from hard times where the dog is the first to go to save money
to bad ownership. Read Stitch the Staffie here

Below is an article that Audrey Hubery had published in the Northern Echo on
9th August 2014. In it she explains how the media are fueling the problem
of rehoming staffords.

The Kennel Club and Battersea Dogs Home have nothing but praise for this loving and loyal breed especially the staffords affectionate nature around children.

“kindness itself, and his genuine love of children is well known”..The Kennel Club

“earning the nickname ‘the nanny dog’ for its affinity with children”..Battersea Dogs Home


The “I am A Staffie” video below explains the plight of the so called ‘nanny dog’ and why its popularity has taken such a hit.

Just a cute video !

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