Staffies available for adoption

This site searches for Staffordshire Bull Terriers needing loving homes in local rescue centres and helps to promote them.

Updated  22/October/2016

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The Staffie’s in the slideshow are all from north east dog rescue centres.

The staffordshire bull terriers range from pups to 15 years so whether your after an active dog or a snoozy faithful companion there is an age that suits everyones needs.

Staffies are the most loving and intelligent breed of dog there is and they make loving pets and lifelong partners but their popularity has taken a hit because of overbreeding and careless owners Read more

All they ask is a comfy bed or chair to lie in, love & companionship ,good quality food ,clean water & lots of kisses.

OH yes and a lovely walk to keep fit & healthy and the new owner too.

If you can help rehome a staffie please contact a rescue centre from the table below .

North East Staffie Rescue Centres :

Dogs Trust DarlingtonDogs Trust Darlington has a breed search function on its website and always has staffies needing homes

Deerness Kennels

Deerness Kennels Langley Moor always has staffords needing homes and has a charity called Desperately SAD that looks after dogs that have been found in an appalling state and need extra care and attention
Brysons Animal RefugeGateshead
Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter Newcastle
Stray AidCoxhoe
Cleadon Kennels Sunderland Always has staffies in need of loving homes
RSPCA North East
Paws For ThoughtSunderland
Save Our Strays Middlesbrough
Animal Krackers Sunderland
Dogs In DistressTeeside
Blue Cross Adoption Center Yorkshire
Kays Hill Animal Rescue Bishop Auckland
Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels Northumberland
The National Animal Sanctuaries Support LeagueNewton Aycliffe
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Why Save A Staffie? Watch this video

The Staffie Song from our cousins in scotland :o)